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Location, Location, Location.

They say location is King and if it is, the Glendower is certainly royalty. We are lucky to have one of the best locations in Torquay with the International Conference & Leisure Centre just over the road with its excellent swimming pool and first class facilities and right beside that is Torre Abbey and its 800 year history and beautiful gardens. 

We are just a few hundred metres from the main beach and then a mere 10 minute walk to the town centre and harbour. 

If the above ticks all your boxes then hit the book button and you can look forward to a warm and friendly welcome from your hosts Bob, Lesley & Carla.

By booking direct with the Glendower you are guaranteed to get the best rate. You can search all the big boy OTA's (online travel agents) but we guarantee you will not find a better rate than those here, so please, check out our reviews on Tripadvisor and then  come back here and book direct with us. You may well find the same or a slightly dearer rates but you won't find cheaper so click the "Book" button above or call us on 01803 299988.

There is so much to do in Torquay that you will be unable to fit everything in even if you stay for 2 weeks you still won't get round everything but whatever time you have, spend it well and stay at the Glendower in the perfect location.

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Sorry but we are no longer accepting dogs.

Going Green

Here at The Glendower, we, along with everyone else, are very concerned about the state of the environment and have been actively looking for ways to reduce our impact on it.

In accordance with this we have made lots of small and not so small changes, every little helps, as they say. So here’s the story so far.

Firstly, we decided to use refillable containers for our toiletries. After much research and testing of all the lovely products on the market (it was a tough job but someone had to do it). We decided that the Amber range we use now was the one we liked the best. The body lotion is just lovely!

We stopped putting plastic bottles of water in the rooms. We were getting through hundreds of those every month. That’s a lot of plastic,  and when you consider how lovely our Devon water is to drink that was an easy decision to make.

We introduced the ‘GO GREEN’ tabs on the bedroom doors. This means that if a guest chooses to go green we will not go in and service the room that day so we aren’t using  bin liners, chemical sprays or laundering linen. Of course, the choice lies with the guest so if you would still like those things done then we are more than happy to do it. We still change the bedding and towels after a few days in any case.

In the kitchen we have invested in lots of lidded containers so cutting down massively on cling film and tin foil use, we now use about 5% of the amount we used to use.  We have always recycled as much waste as possible and now we are even able to recycle food waste, which is brilliant.

The biggest change we have made though is to go completely chemical free when cleaning the rooms. We have invested heavily in silver impregnated anti bacterial cleaning cloths which means that we no longer have to use harsh chemicals while cleaning. Better for you as we will not have allergy issues with sprays and scents. Better for us as we don’t have to work with these chemicals but most importantly, better for the environment.

Obviously, we do not want our exceptionally high standards to slip so we rigorously tested them before making the switch. Watch the YouTube video and see the results of our testing.

So there we are. That’s where we are up to. If you have any other suggestions for changes we can make to safeguard our precious environment we will be glad to hear them and will take them on board if at all possible. After all, we only have the one planet, its time to start looking after it.

Click Here to see how Lesley did the testing.